Bunny Dreams Detail new.jpg
 Bunny Dreams 20”w x 49”h
Remembering tradition -detail.jpg
 Remembering Tradition  18”w x 29”h
Cathy Erickson Shoji detail.JPG
 Voices Behind the Shoji Door 34”w x 60”h
Radiance  detail.jpg
 Radiance  44” w x 22.5”h
Carpenter's Quilt - Detail.jpg
 Carpenter’s Quilt 32” w x 14” h Wood quilt made with nails, paper, sandpaper, and a planer tool.
 A Girl’s Lace Blouse 10”w x 8”h
 Dragonfly Moon Kimono  48”w x 48”h
 Falling Blossoms  10”w x 8”h
cathy erickson STEPS detail.jpg
 STEPS 48” x 40”h  Top by Cathy Erickson, Quilting by Cathy Erickson and Mary Arnold
 Photograph of the the stone steps that lead into the hospital garden at Manzanar.
cathy erickson Yukimi detail.jpg
 Yukimi Lantern 20”w x 34”h
Stepping stones detail3.jpg
 Stepping Stones  24”w x 36”h
 Dancing in the Fifties 25”w x 70”h
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