Cathy Erickson has a Masters degree in chemistry from Purdue University.  Her early creative adventures consisted of stained glass projects and gardening.  She made her first quilt in 1996 while waiting for her daughter during dance class. Starting in 2000, Cathy began taking art classes in drawing and graphic design at the local community college.   In 2002 Cathy met Margaret Chula and together they created a series of quilts and poetry inspired by the stories and photos of Japanese Americans in internment camps in the 1940’s. That work continues to this day.

After 2015 Cathy started to make modern quilts.  This was the beginning of her series "Baltimore Goes Modern.  The quilts in this series use blocks from antique Baltimore Album Quilts as inspiration for modern quilts.  The transformation into modern quilts is made by using larger blocks, modern colors, deconstructed blocks, and graphic quilting.  

When not working or quilting, Cathy enjoys the wonderful views from her house of Mount Hood and the Columbia River. Friends include her many quilt friends and of course her cat, Smokey, who must approve of every quilt before it is finished.




Cathy Erickson          quiltcat2@msn.com